periodpositivelogo2Welcome to #Periodpositive!

28 May was Menstrual Hygiene Day. What did you do to ensure that #MenstruationMatters?

Here, Chella Quint, menstruation education researcher and the creator of Adventures in Menstruating shares news and resources from her menstruation education research project.  Follow @chellaquint and @periodpositive for updates on school and workshop resources and training opportunities.

Click the link for Menstruation Education Top Tips.

Read Chella’s guest post at Education for Choice.

What does period positive mean?

Watch Chella’s TEDx talk to find out more!

Chella believes that menstruation education should be:

  • Free, unbranded, objective, and inclusive of reusables like menstrual cups and cloth pads
  • Consistent, accurate, up-to-date and peer-reviewed
  • Supported more comprehensively by the National Curriculum, particularly in Science and PSHE
  • Aimed at different age groups, starting before puberty, and revisited regularly
  • Inclusive of different genders, cultures, abilities and sexualities

Check out Chella’s menstrual product advertising analysis and comedy activism blog, Adventures in Menstruating for more regular updates.

Follow and contribute your #periodpositive thoughts and ideas on Twitter. You can also use the #periodpositive hashtag on Twitter, and download your own STAINS™ stain!






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