Welcome to #periodpositive!

®It’s time to educate ourselves and others on shame-free menstruation talk, and break the cycle of secrecy, fear and misinformation about menstruation. Period taboos and the habits that uphold them lead to negative consequences like period poverty, late diagnoses of reproductive health issues and social exclusion. We need to seriously question the messages and the messengers using words like ‘whisper’, ‘discreet’, ‘secret’, ‘hidden’ and ‘sanitary’ when talking about periods, because it discourages people talking about and getting support for reproductive health issues. Privacy is one thing – you don’t need to shout about your period (but you can if you want to) – setting your own personal boundaries about what comes out of your body and when are your choice and your business. But some people make it their business out of telling people to keep periods secret. From sending branded lesson plans and free samples to schools and repeating the same old tropes from 90 years ago to following  old-school menstruation management models and ignoring the importance of sustainability, it all needs to change. Support #periodpositive and find out how to educate yourself and others, so we can make this happen, and keep it going long term.

#periodpositive started as a phrase coined by former head of PSHE, comedian and education researcher Chella Quint, grew into a campaign, a trademark, and then a charter programme. If you’d like to earn the charter mark and apply for a licence to use ‘period positive’ or the logo, please get in touch via the contact form.