How #periodpositive are you?

Take the short (really short – only two questions) survey and think about how #periodpositive you are day to day!

how periodpositive are you


What does period positive mean?

Chella developed #PeriodPositive to counteract the mainly negative public discourse. She accepts that people both love and hate periods, but tries to unpick how big an influence the media plays in these attitudes. She aims for ‘period neutral’, using a positive approach.

If you are period positive, this means you are willing to confidently ask and/or frankly answer questions about periods, understand the importance for menstruators to chart their cycle and treat it as a vital sign, avoid passing on shame to others, and if you joke about it, that you make sure menstruators aren’t the butt of the joke.

The aim of the #periodpositive hashtag and logo is to serve as a benchmark for open and informed provision and information about menstruation and reproductive health, by anyone, anywhere, and invites anyone whose work adheres to the ethos of #periodpositive to enquire about permission for use of the benchmark.