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#periodpositive started as a phrase coined by former head of PSHE, comedian and education researcher Chella Quint, grew into a campaign, a trademark, and then a charter programme. If you’d like to earn the charter mark and apply for a licence to use ‘period positive’ or the logo, please get in touch via the contact form.

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#periodpositive believes that menstruation education should be:

  • Free, unbranded, objective, inclusive of reusables (like menstrual cups and cloth pads), evidence-based, and easy to understand
  • Consistently taught by trained staff, factually accurate, up-to-date and well-researched, with learners’ needs in mind, and regularly evaluated with pupils and menstruation education practitioners, with excellent communication to other faculties, parents and community partners about the content of lessons
  • Delivered in teachable moments as they arise, as well as in planned curriculum lessons
  • Actively challenging messages of shame in the current discourse through media literacy
  • Able to scaffold and complement lessons on fertility, puberty and reproductive health, with an awareness of physiological differences and medical conditions related to reproductive health and healthy menstrual cycles as a vital sign
  • Supported more comprehensively across the curriculum, particularly in science and PSHE but also in media studies, PE, maths, graphics, and textiles
  • Aimed at different age groups, starting well before puberty (and ensuring to use the correct names for body parts, even with very young children) and revisited regularly
  • Inclusive of all genders, cultures, abilities and sexualities (the way all high quality RSE should be), with adapted resources where appropriate
  • Supportive of easy menstruation management in school and equipped to signpost diverse and effective ways of menstruation management now and in future