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Stay tuned for more updates of lessons and teaching resources Chella uses in her shows and shares with sex education charities, PSHE and science teachers and audiences in her touring comedy show, Adventures in Menstruating.

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Click the link for Menstruation Education Top Tips.

SEF Period Positive Prepared for Puberty is a link to PDF extract by Chella from the Sex Education Forum.

Download your own STAINS™ stain! STAINS™ was featured in the BLOOD exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin this past autumn.

STAINS™ brings us on to menstruation management.

Here is a slide introducing the four types of menstrual products:

There are internal and external ways to manage periodsThere are also disposable products and reusable products-2Here’s a clip from the Sexpression Sheffield conference, where Chella teachers Sexpression volunteers the Menstrual Product Mambo – a dance that explains the four types of menstrual products.

The Menstrual Product Mambo by Chella Quint from Chella Quint on Vimeo.

Want to join in at home? Find a mambo track and jump in! Here are the dance steps. #periodpositive recommends the Catalina Mambo performed by Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra! Here are a couple of dance cards explaining the steps.

menstrual product mambo



Here is a period positive mythbusting quiz to help older students recap what they know!

And here are the period positive mythbusting quiz answers with some teacher notes.

Here is a set of #periodpositive symbols showing that #periodpositive menstruation education, pads, info about reusables and toilets that are handy for menstruation management are all  available,  to use in low-literacy, SEN or multi-lingual environments.

Chella presented a poster at the LGBTSTEMinar at the University of Sheffield looking at ways to be trans and non-binary inclusive in menstruation talk.

Queeriods Poster and Menstruator Flowchart

Here are the exams period campaign school pack and plus two images to tweet:

examsperiod square image

Exams shouldn_t be a test of period poverty or a measure of menstrual taboosAdd some menstrual products to your exam invigilation kits, and make sure the invigilators know the score. (